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Night Time Piney Frogs

Tree FrogSo I hear these frogs all the time. Especially after it rains. Although I hear them I rarely see them.

Well after the storm the other night I found one on the ground with a flashlight and he (or she) posed for a picture. Not sure what kind it was but he was a cute little thing with a big smile and big eyes.

Just a little more back yard nature.

Say hello to my little friend.

Atco Tree Frog

Coffee Works is open again!

cupThe original owner of Coffee Works has somehow pulled it together and opened once again. Getting back in to the swing of things with live music and other entertainment events we look forward to going back being part once again. This also means that the Open Mic Night every Thursday night is on again too. So I have something important to do on Tuesday nights now. Hosting the ever so popular Open Mic Night at Coffee Works Cafe in Voorhees NJ. Come on out!

What about Bob?

whataboutbobOne of my favorite movies and one of Bill Murry’s best comedy performances.  This movie may be old but it is a classic and anytime I am looking for a funny movie to watch this seems to be the pick.  I must be one of a few because I never see them rum this on TV.

Funny, Funny stuff!!

No More Coffee Works

logoIt’s a shame but Coffee Works in Voorhees has closed claiming economic conditions have made it impossible to stay in business.  I have been associated with Coffee Works for over 10 years and I am at a loss.

I hosted the weekly open mic for the past 5 years and hosted part time prior to that.  I played there regularly on weekend with two different bands and always seemed to be doing something at Coffee Works or for Coffee Works.  Doing their website.  Booking weekend entertainment, Thursday Night Local Showcases and Premier Concerts with my buddy Kris on Sundays.  We hosted performers like John Eddie, Janis Ian, Tommy Conwell, Jeffrey Gaines and many other Nation Touring Performers.

All the local musicians I have met and even played with have made it all worth while.  I always joked and called it my “Communtity Service” but I enjoyed it thoroughly.  There’s talk of them opening again somehow someway but for now, Goodbye Coffee Works!

WordPress Maintenance Release

WordPress at GDScomp.comWordPress has released version 3.5.1 and recommends you upgrade to this latest version. It addresses over 30 security and performance problems and as always is available from your dashboard. Update automatically or download the latest version and update using ftp.  You should always update when a new version is available.  That’s why they release it!

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